CNF-1Cytotoxic Necrotizing Factor Type 1 (toxin)
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The genes coding for alpha-haemolysin (hlyA), cytotoxic necrotizing factor (cnf-1) and P fimbrial adhesin (papC) were detected by PCR in the current study.
As regard the cnf-1 gene, it was found that 15 isolates (30%) of E.
In the present study, the simultaneous presence of papC, cnf-1 and hlyA was observed in only one UPEC isolate.
In our study, we found that all isolates positive for hlyA gene exhibited cytotoxic activity on HEp-2 cell line; 11 of which harboured cnf-1 gene in addition.
(2008) found a lower incidence of papC, hlyA, and cnf-1 among fluoroquinolones resistant group than among susceptible group, which seems to be due to a loss of the corresponding PAI, probably as a result of the mutation that causes resistance.
Frequency of Escherichia coli strains producing the cytotoxic necrotizing factor (CNF-1) in nosocomial urinary tract infections.
Lane (1): cnf-1 (band at 498 bp), Lane (2): papC (band at 328 bp), Lane (M): 100 bp DNA ladder
Lane (1): hlyA and cnf-1, Lane (2): hlyA and papC, Lane (3): cnf-1 and papC, Lane (4): hlyA, cnf-1 and papC, Lane (M): 100 bp DNA ladder