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CNFACentre National de Formation et d'Animation (French: National Center for Education and Animation)
CNFAChina National Furniture Association (trade association)
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The financial crisis affecting the Far East has had very little impact on domestic manufacturing of furniture, according to Wang Mingliang, international exhibition department director of the CNFA. He points out that China's annual furniture production and sales have increased by 20 percent for the last few years.
There are reportedly 50,000 furniture firms with over 5 million employees in China (CNFA 2005).
The industry consists primarily of small-sized companies of less than 100 employees and 90 percent of the industry's total production takes place in medium- to small-sized firms (CNFA et al.
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The Chinese furniture industry consists of around 50,000 companies and 5 million employees (CNFA 2003).
Together, the four regions contributed 90 percent of the industry's total shipments and more than 80 percent of export shipments in 2003 (CNFA 2004).
The neighboring Fujian Province accounts for almost a quarter of the country's total furniture shipments and 8 percent of total exports in terms of value of shipments (CNFA 2004).