CNFCCouncil for Nuclear Fuel Cycle (Japan)
CNFCCentre National de Formation au Commandement (French: National Training Center Command)
CNFCCanadian Native Friendship Centre
CNFCChina Nuclear Industry Fifth Construction Co., Ltd. (est. 1964; China)
CNFCCanadian National Field Champion (dogs)
CNFCCorrelated Nakagami Fading Channels
CNFCCenter for Navigating Family Change
CNFCChronic-Nervous Functional Complaints
CNFCCotteswold Naturalists' Field Club (UK)
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The number of seeds per pod was affected only by the genotypes, and the higher values in the genotype CNFC 15873 differed from the genotypes IPR Colibri and CNFC 15875.
The genotype CNFC 15873 had the highest number of pods per plant in the 2014 winter, 2015 winter and 2015/2016 summer growing seasons.
The line CNFC 10742, the sixth most productive under N fertilization (first group of averages according to the clustering test), was the 11th upon Rhizobium inoculation (second group of averages).
In addition to this line, CNFC 10753, CNFC 10757 and 'BRS Cometa' obtained analogous yields under both N-supply sources, although presenting averages inferior to the best lines.
We look at that as an indication that they are supportive of CNFC and that they are interested in receiving additional services," said North Peigan.
With the additional resources, CNFC will hire a part-time staff member to facilitate the program.
He was president of the CNFC from 1965-67, again from 1979-81 and yet again in 1992.
At 90 Ian, who now lives in Thornaby, is still an active CNFC committee member.
The CNFC, which encompasses some 1,640 enterprises employing over 369,000 workers, is moving to update its factories to better serve the contemporary marketplace.
CNFC will relocate in two years time upon completion of the city-led Boyle Renaissance Project, which will include an Aboriginal facility.
Nelson Mayer, executive director of the Alberta Native Friendship Centres Association, said the CNFC recently brought the ANFCA up-to-date with planned changes.