CNFCCouncil for Nuclear Fuel Cycle (Japan)
CNFCCentre National de Formation au Commandement (French: National Training Center Command)
CNFCCanadian Native Friendship Centre
CNFCChina Nuclear Industry Fifth Construction Co., Ltd. (est. 1964; China)
CNFCCanadian National Field Champion (dogs)
CNFCCorrelated Nakagami Fading Channels
CNFCCenter for Navigating Family Change
CNFCChronic-Nervous Functional Complaints
CNFCCotteswold Naturalists' Field Club (UK)
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If one takes into consideration the mean genotype performance in all environments, it is possible seeing that genotypes 'BRS Notavel', CNFC 15480 and 'IPR 139' stood out, because they presented the highest interaction-free genotypic values ([mathematical expression not reproducible], 20595.20, 2463.96 and 2455.91kg x [ha.sup.-1], respectively (Table 2).
"We look at that as an indication that they are supportive of CNFC and that they are interested in receiving additional services," said North Peigan.
Ian joined the CNFC in 1949 after becoming a teacher at Middlesbrough's Marton Grove Junior School where he was asked to specialise in nature study.
Several success stories in this enclave include the use of CNFC chat to collaborate with Australian assets during a tense boarding operation.
Up to now the CNFC's role has primarily been to supply retail shops and institutions with whole frozen carcasses that are cut up at the point of distribution to end users.
The line CNFC 10742, the sixth most productive under N fertilization (first group of averages according to the clustering test), was the 11th upon Rhizobium inoculation (second group of averages).
CNFC has hosted the pavilion since 1979 and has collected numerous accolades including winning several most authentic pavilion awards, hosting world famous traditional dancers.
After six weeks without space, CNFC opened its doors Jan.
In faxes announcing changes and refusals for interviews, CNFC directors are limiting public information.