CNFETCarbon-Nanotube Field-Effect Transistors
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This pertinent property makes the CNFET very useful for voltage mode analog and digital circuits [7, 11].
Performance Comparison of CMOS and CNFET with Respect to Electrical Characteristics.
According to Figure 2(b), a 32 nm CNFET has proper [I.sub.d]-[V.sub.ds] characteristics without short channel effects, whereas the 32 nm MOSFET suffers from higher channel resistance in the triode region, degraded [r.sub.0], and velocity saturation.
The CNT diameters, the channel width (W) of the CNFET transistor, the number of CNTs (N) in the channel of a CNFET, and internanotube spacing (S) are related by (3).
The high performance HSPICE model has been used for analyzing the performance of CNFET transistor and 32 nm Si-MOSFET.
In these simulation experiments, the channel length of the CNFET is adjusted at 32 nm to be identical with that of Si-MOSFET for a fair comparison.
CMOS circuits simulated with 32nm CMOS technology and circuits based on CNFET are simulated by SPICE model presented in [15-17].In Table 2, important parameters of CNFET model are described.
In this paper, a novel high speed full adder cell based on CNFET is presented.
Kaivan, "An Energy-Efficient Full Adder Cell Using CNFET Technology," IEICE Transactions on Electronics, vol.
Once properly biased, small-signal variations can be superposed on the different terminals to use the CNFET as a capacitor, transistor, or mixer.
Consequently CNFETs show ambipolar characteristics, which can be suppressed via gate structure [39] and contact engineering.
For CNFETs, a reasonable range of [V.sub.ds] spans from 0.01V for highly controllable small bandgap designs to some volts for large bandgap designs with reduced controllability.