CNFETCarbon-Nanotube Field-Effect Transistors
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But CNFET inverter has the shortest delay due to its higher current driving capability.
Diameter is the main parameter that affects the on-current proportionally in a CNFET.
It is worth noting that the total current drive in a CNFET depends on the number of CNTs per device ("W").
The drain current of the CNFET is dependent on pitch value (internanotube spacing), which determines the amount of screening effect.
But shorter pitches are desirable to enhance the integration density of a chip with CNFET technology.
The speed advantage of CNFET over MOSFET technology is sensitive to the gate parasitic capacitance [16].
After selecting the best design parameters and ensuring by the simulation results that high performance is obtained for the CNFET device, we applied these parameters in basic logic gates (Inverter, NAND, and NOR) for optimized CNFET and compared them with nonoptimized CNFET, Si-MOSFET, and hybrid configuration.
From the results shown in Table 4, nonoptimized CNFET has the smallest delay for the inverter and NOR design compared to optimized CNFET, hybrid (NMOS-PCNFET), and Si-MOSFET.
CNFET model parameters Parameters Description Value [L.
CNFETs are composed of rolled graphite, called carbon nanotubes.
In this paper, we introduce a new high performance full adder cell based on CNFETs.
The most useful attribute of the CNFETs is that threshold voltage can be defined by changing the diameter of nanotubes.