CNFKCommander Naval Forces Korea
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Additionally, while serving on the Morale, Welfare and Recreation committee, Lee was instrumental to the success of the first combined command summer picnic attended by over 200 CNFK and Commander, ROK Fleet Sailors and their families.
In his off-duty time, he gives back to the local community as a volunteer English teacher to 40 high school students in Busan City and organizes dozens of sports events for CNFK Sailors and families.
Subsequently, he has received numerous awards from both CNFK and the ROK Navy during his tour.
It was my great pleasure being a part of CNFK because our mission in Korea is the most crucial expedition to maintain the placid relationship between ROK and U.
Sailors assigned to CNFK Reserve Detachments located in Fort Worth, Texas, San Diego, and Port Hueneme, Calif.
During contingency, Naval personnel augment the Joint Forces Sustainment Component Command (JFSCC) and CNFK N4 Logistics Readiness Center (LRC) in Taegu.
LTJG Jeff Fernandez, Contingency Logistics Planner, CNFK N4
Last fall, 15 CNFK Sailors volunteered their time to help the local Soup Kitchen called DAIL Community Center in Seoul, ROK.
LT Braendeholm also organized a visit for 10 CNFK Sailors to the Seoul Metropolitan Children's hospital in Seoul, ROK.
The NCW deployment was particularly complex," said LT Sorchae Washburn, Exercise Logistics Officer for CNFK.
CDR Tera Salo, Harbor Defense and Port Security Plans Officer for CNFK, said the myriad tasks that CNFK supply personnel performed made the exercise possible.
CNFK and CFAC supply personnel together offered gas masks, sleeping bags, 782 gear, rental vehicles, cell phones, heavy equipment and transportation for personnel operating throughout the Korean peninsula.