CNFOCaribbean Network of Fisherfolk Organisation
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The CNFO was initiated through CRFM projects and consultations undertaken from 2004 to 2006.
The missions of the CNFO and CRFM are compatible with each other, and with the vision and scope of the CCCFR How then is this working in practice?
The CNFO is not the instigator or leader in the majority of the activities shown, but an actor in the initiatives of other agencies.
The leaders of regional projects are consulting with the CNFO and engaging the CRFM, together, in the formulation and appraisal stages of the project cycle, rather than only in implementation.
The CNFO engages, perhaps even more than the CRFM, in non-state or NGO-led initiatives, such as the Gulf and Caribbean Fisheries Initiative (GCFI), the Marine Resource Governance project (MarGov), the Too Big to Ignore (TBTI) global network, The Nature Conservancy (TNC), and other projects listed in the table.
A critical outcome is that the value of CNFO participation has been recognized.
The CNFO needs to build capacity and expand its human resources for engagement, if it wishes to take advantage of opportunities to participate in governance.
The CNFO, CRFM and the CCCFP interact in diverse ways.
We focus discussion on some of these principles, as we examine the development of CNFO's adaptive capacity and self-organization, in relation to the CRFM and CCCFP.
Participation in marine governance is evident in most of the CNFO activities, and is strongly encouraged by the CRFM and several other organizations.
CNFO may need to become more strategic in prioritizing its participation.
Through various projects, the CNFO is now participating in the policy domains of recreational fisheries and marine managed or protected areas, where private sector and state actors are usually much more economically and politically powerful.