CNGAConseil National des Groupes Académiques (French: National Council of Academic Groups)
CNGAChina National Garment Association
CNGACalifornia Native Grasslands Association
CNGAColorado Nursery and Greenhouse Association
CNGACanadian Natural Gas Association
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Through heterologous expression studies it was observed that [alpha]-subunits are mainly resp onsible for the ionconducting activity of the channel, whereas modulator functions are performed by [beta]-subunits.17 On analysis of human CNG channels subunits, the variant p.R436W was found to be conserved among all except CNGA2 which is found in olfactory neurons.24 However, the variant p.D514N was found conserved in all four CNGA subunits but not in CNGB subunits (Figure 2C).
With the goal of restoring native grasslands and reestablishing a diverse, self-sustaining environment for birds, beneficial insects, game animals, and other wildlife, CNGA was formed last fall.
Weir Insurance's CNGA submission was awarded the top prize in the 'supporting local sports' category.
A high-powered Chinese delegation, headed by China National Garment Association (CNGA) Vice-President Feng Dehu have visited a number of RMG units in Bangladesh as a part of their market exploration study.
Islamabad -- The three CNG Associations (CNGA)of the country have threatened the government to close down all CNG stations in the country from June 6 for indefinite strike in case of government's failure to revoke cess from the budget.
The leader of the China National Garment Association (CNGA) delegation sounded optimistic about Bangladesh fetching at least $1.0 billion annually through apparel exports to China, home to 1.3 billion people, within next few years.
But now some of the children have been able to relocate to City of Newcastle Gymnastic Academy (CNGA) at Benfield School after new sessions were added by coaches there to offer alterative training facilities to the youngsters.
In total 29 girls, aged from eight to 18, from CNGA, will travel to the event and compete against 52 groups worldwide for gold.
The City of Newcastle Gymnastics Academy, (CNGA) based in Walkergate, is gearing up for Gymnaestrada - an international festival which takes place every four years.