CNGBChief, National Guard Bureau
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Through heterologous expression studies it was observed that [alpha]-subunits are mainly resp onsible for the ionconducting activity of the channel, whereas modulator functions are performed by [beta]-subunits.17 On analysis of human CNG channels subunits, the variant p.R436W was found to be conserved among all except CNGA2 which is found in olfactory neurons.24 However, the variant p.D514N was found conserved in all four CNGA subunits but not in CNGB subunits (Figure 2C).
TAGs with these additional responsibilities are sometimes referred to as "super TAGs;" and author's personal experience as chief of the NGBs current intelligence division and principal intelligence analyst to the CNGB. Between 2008 and June 2010, I had the opportunity to present either face-to-face briefings or to telephonically notify various TAGs on certain specific terrorism issues.
(19.) The author had over 20 opportunities to brief several state TAGs and JFHQ-State J2s, either face-to-face or via other means, while a member of the CNGBs current intelligence team.
Secretary Rumsfeld ratified these initial steps in his July 30 memo to CNGB. A formal concept and implementation plan for this reorganization is currently under review.
Under existing law, CNGB reports to the Secretaries of the Army and the Air Force.
Secretary Rumsfeld has tasked CNGB to adapt the National Guard to better support the war on terrorism, HD, and HLS.
In a meeting with CNGB, the Joint Staff J-7 (Operational Plans and Joint Force Development) agreed that the Guard Bureau should be used as a partner to provide input for policy and doctrine for HLS/HD/MACA.