CNGSCERN Neutrino to Gran Sasso (particle physics)
CNGSCentre for Non-Governmental Sectors (Sri Lanka)
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Buses are the only choice for the lower middle-income people as they cannot afford CNG auto rickshaws or ridesharing services because of poor income.
During campaign two CNGs substandard tanks removed from flying coach on spot and about 20 vehicle drivers were warned for using sub-standard CNG kits and tanks.
KARACHI -- Karachiites finally received relief on Saturday after the CNG fuel stations resumed their operations after six days.
GAS SUPPLY TO CNG STATIONS SUSPENDED: The SNGPL suspended on Sunday supply to CNG stations because of low pressure in the district.
Irshad Qaiser has restrained the PESCO from taking 10 percent advance income tax from 570 CNG stations of the province.
First, the NG is generated as the set of multiple Concurrent Negotiation Groups (CNG), as shown in equation (19).
Using a Pearson test to compare these verified CNA/LOH to those present in 6 patients with 10year DFS, we found that CNGs at 14q32.33 and 1q25.1 as well as LOH at 12q24.13, 16q11.2, and 1p34.3 were indeed present at a significantly higher frequency in stage IV metastases (see online Supplemental Table 2).
Also, the CNGs rarely stop at signals and cops hardly bother to stop them for not obeying traffic rules simply because that would create another traffic jam!
Altinok et al., "Search for oscillation [v.sub.[mu]] [right arrow] [v.sub.[tau]] with the OPERA experiment in the CNGS beam," New Journal of Physics, vol.
This initiative by AT&T reportedly features one of the largest US corporate commitments to compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles to date and includes hybrid and electric vehicle deployments.
CNGS Engineering, a Ukrainian firm headquartered in Simferopol, Crimea, undertook project management, basic and detail design, fabrication of the support jacket and deck sections, and procurement of all platform components including process equipment, control and power supply systems.
A recent survey of 150 CNGs in Gujranwala city clearly showed that the use of generators increased the earnings of the CNG owner's.