CNGTCalpine Natural Gas Trust (Canada)
CNGTConsejo Nacional de Gobierno Transitorio
CNGTConsolidated Natural Gas Transmission (Carrollton, OH)
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Coordenadas Estacion de muestreo Sigla N Cienaga Rio CNGR 08[grados]26'05,7" Cienaga Transicion CNGT 08[grados]20'02,4" Cienaga Paticos CNGP 08[grados]19'39" Cienaga Mercado CNGM 08[grados]18'30,5" Cano Barro CB 08[grados]17'5,6" Cano Grande CG 08[grados]27'28,6" Cano Munoz CM 08[grados]20'25,1" Quebrada Quebradona QQ 08[grados]17'19" Coordenadas Estacion de muestreo W Cienaga Rio 75[grados]03'40" Cienaga Transicion 75[grados]05'25,2" Cienaga Paticos 75[grados]08'31,9" Cienaga Mercado 75[grados]08'27,9" Cano Barro 75[grados]03'46,3" Cano Grande 75[grados]02'54,0" Cano Munoz 74[grados]56'31,4" Quebrada Quebradona 75[grados]09'25" Tabla 2.
Customers of CNG Transmission Corporation can try a new free Title Transfer Tracking (TIT) service that provides gas buyers and sellers with accounting locations for the nomination of title transfers on the CNGT system.
CNGT identified 23 pipeline sections over its 8,200 miles in all six states it runs through.