CNHPCertified Natural Health Practitioner
CNHPCollege of Nursing and Health Professions (various locations)
CNHPCertified Natural Health Professional
CNHPColorado Nurse Health Program
CNHPColorado Natural Heritage Program
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Colorado has been at the forefront of developing tools and resources to guide effective, science-based restoration and management of wetlands across the Rocky Mountain region, said CNHP Wetland Ecologist and grant recipient Joanna Lemly.
MEVE and CNHP staff will conduct surveys in portions of the potential remaining habitat for these species on NPS lands and update historical occurrences.
Ann Hallewell, CNHP & Denise Fornerat, PN, CHt of Attuned to Wellness.
This study was completed in the spring of 2011 at Kessinger Health and Wellness Diagnostic Centre, by Annette Copeland, CNHP.