CNITCenter of New Information Technologies
CNITCorporate Net Income Tax
CNITComputer Networking and Information Technology (City College of San Francisco; San Francisco, CA)
CNITCenter of New Industries and Technologies (France)
CNITCore Need Income Thresholds (Canada)
CNITCommunications, Networking and Information Technology (conference)
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2 million), all of which will be remitted to CNIT during calendar 2016.
The combination of an economic slowdown in Mexico and unfair trade practices by China caused the GDP for the Mexican textile industry to contract by more than 10 percentage points during 2001, the CNIT said.
CNIT said it has collaborated with Biznest on its new media platform, which utilises cloud-based smart displayers to deliver highly targeted ads and public information at high-traffic urban locations.
1-2 Enterprise Search Paris: Solving the Findability Dilemma in Your Organization CNIT, Paris--La Defense, France http://www.
The CNIT president said distillers could be forced to lay off some of the 300,000 workers employed in the tequila industry if exports remain slow the rest of the year.
The Broadband World Forum 2010 (26-28 October at CNIT, La Defense in Paris, France) will this year feature more than 200 leading industry speakers, including 125 global service providers, from around the world addressing over 6,000 attendees across four new tracks covering transport, intelligence, access and services.
China Information Technology announced that it has entered into a contract for the sale of 3,000 CNIT cloud-based elevator ad terminals to be installed in office buildings and residential communities throughout Heze, a fast-growing prefecture-level city in southwestern Shandong Province.
CNIT provides cloud-based platform, exchange, and big data solutions enabling innovation and smart living in the education, health care, new media, finance and transportation sectors.
Under the agreement, the CNIT will sign an exclusive agreement with the Union Agricola Regional de Productores de Mezcal Tequilero del Estado de Jalisco, which represents about 80% of agave growers.
The awards were presented live in front of hundreds of industry professionals at the Broadband World Forum Europe 2009 at the CNIT La Defense.
China Information Technology announced that it has entered into a contract for the sale of 3,000 CNIT cloud-based ad terminals to be installed in office buildings, residential communities and various outdoor locations throughout Taizhou, a central city of Jiangsu Yangtze River urban agglomeration.
CNIT expects 10,000 of the terminals to be sold and installed within the next several years, for which the company will receive one-time terminal sales and recurring monthly service fees over this period.