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It is notable that a lot of studies on this topic were found in the CNKI produced in domestic China.
A partir de la decada de 1990, especialmente en el siglo XXI, se ha mantenido una tendencia creciente de menciones a Borges, segun la base de datos CNKI, alcanzando a Garcia Marquez y llegando a la cuspide de nuestro listado.
A total of 359 studies were identified by searching in PubMed, Web of Science, EMBASE, CNKI, and WANFANG electronic databases.
In this research, the shape of travel behavior graph was mainly referenced to the reference citation graph and measurement visualization analysis in CNKI. Thus, travel behavior graph also constituted of nodes and arcs.
Databases, including PubMed, The Cochrane Library, EMbase, SCI, CNKI, Wanfang Data, and VIP, were searched, and according to the criteria of exclusion and inclusion, randomized controlled trials on the intervention of Tai chi on type-2 DM were retrieved.
All cases of SJS/TEN enrolled for this analysis from the CNKI, Wanfang Data, and FJMU fulfilled with RegiSCAR (European Registry of Severe Cutaneous Adverse Reactions) criteria of probable to definite cases.
A total of 47 potentially relevant articles published up to March 27, 2017 were systematically identified in PubMed, EMBASE, Google Scholar, and CNKI. The flow chart that summarized the literature review process and the specific reasons for any exclusion from the meta-analysis are shown in Figure 1.
The literature search returned 3360 results (PubMed: 1062, EMBASE: 1190, CNKI: 923, and Wanfang Data: 184). CMFD201502&filename=1015336477.nh&v=MjAyNzlOVkY yNkc3QzdHTlhMcUpFYlBJUjhlWDFMdXhZUzdEaDFUM3 FUcldNMUZyQ1VSTDJmWmVScEZ5M21Wcno=.
Records from the following databases in Chinese or English have been retrieved up to 15 March, 2017: Cochrane Library, PubMed, Embase, SinoMed, CNKI, VIP, and WanFang Data.
This review intends to summarize the recent studies on curcumin in delaying advance of renal fibrosis through searching PubMed ( and Cnki ( databases, which will provide additional evidence and also highlight the future research regarding curcumin in the management of kidney diseases.
From the school library, retrieval "multimedia information technology", "University", "English Teaching" and other words, and the related literature review, analysis and summarize.