CNLEComenius National Library of Education (est. 1919; Czech Republic)
CNLEConseil National des Politiques de Lutte Contre la Pauvreté et l'Exclusion (French: National Policy Council to Combat Poverty and Exclusion)
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Equal technology strength and the presence of CNLE (Council of Nigerian Legal Education) were found as positive factors that could encourage resource sharing among law libraries in Nigeria.
Denise Bregmen, CNLE for ICU at Waikato Hospital, says that the feedback she gets from her staff who have undertaken simulation education at the new centre has confirmed her view that there has been a long-standing need for such a facility.
this contract is on a mission - Pedagogical and methodological support of the members of the college people in poverty or precariousness (referred to as the eighth college of CNLE,- Methodological support to persons designated by the associations members who have proposed these resources,- Coordination of the local support provided by the resource persons to assist members of the 8th college.