CNLPCenter for Natural Language Processing (Syracuse University; New York)
CNLPConnectionless Network Layer Protocol
CNLPCalifornia Network of Learning Professionals (Sacramento, CA)
CNLPConnectionist Natural Language Processing
CNLPContextual Natural Language Processing
CNLPConstrained Non-Linear Programming
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Richard Ong, Chairman and CEO of RRJ Capital, said "We are delighted to complete this follow-on investment in CNLP together with our co-investors.
When a teacher asks 'What do you have on ancient Egypt for my fifth-grade class,' for example, we're hoping the librarian can use this tool to share a richer set of resources," says Anne Diekema, CNLP interim director and research professor at the iSchool at Syracuse.
According to an article published in the May 2001 edition of ONLINE magazine written by Liz Liddy, director of the CNLP, "The test results, run on 112 messages plus attachments, showed that the conceptual approach outperformed the keyword approach in terms of messages correctly blocked and messages correctly released.