CNMFCorba Based Network Management Framework
CNMFCyber National Mission Force (US Air Force)
CNMFCabrillo National Monument Foundation
CNMFChipping Norton Music Festival (UK)
CNMFCincinnati New Markets Fund (Cincinnati, OH)
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where [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] are solutions of CNMF for [A.sup.o.sub.k].
Then different from the low rank matrices approximations algorithms already used for link predictions, we use a new low rank matrices approximations algorithm named convex nonnegative matrix factorization (CNMF) [19] to get the predicting results within the blocks.
CNMF has a direct interpretation: N x L (L [much less than] N) matrix F = AW is a convex combinations of the columns of A; thus we could interpret its columns as weighted sums of certain objects' coordinates (the coordinate of i-object is given by i-column of A).
2(h) shows that CNMF method injects too much spatial details into the target object in the image, making the target edge of the image looks too sharp.
5(h)-(j) reflect that the CNMF, SFIM and our proposed algorithms preserve the spectral information of the original HSI to the maximum extent.
([[beta].sub.1] = 0.8, [[beta].sub.2] = 0.02) Indexes GS GSA PCA GFPCA CNMF SFIM CC 0.9062 0.9146 0.9265 0.7977 0.8743 0.9207 SAM 7.0372 7.2163 6.7748 9.1437 8.3256 6.7222 RMSE 354.7219 317.5397 327.5662 494.6062 381.7975 309.6550 ERGAS 4.8246 4.2080 4.3600 7.0291 5.0050 4.0244 Indexes Proposed CC 0.9270 SAM 6.7456 RMSE 300.1634 ERGAS 3.7879 Table 4.
Sin desconocer la importancia de dicho debate, este trabajo tratara de otorgar ciertas luces a otra dimension contenida dentro de los pilares estructurales de la CNMF, dimension que, por lo demas, ha pasado casi inadvertida entre los comentaristas (salvo honrosas excepciones, las cuales se revisaran posteriormente (2) ).
Con todo, podemos anticipar nuestra posicion: si la CNMF no ha sido redactada con excepciones especificas, ella podra atraer las condiciones mas favorables contenidas en tratados con terceros Estados suscritos con anterioridad al instrumento que sirve para su invocacion.
The CNMF is a joint force of military and civilian members from the Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, and Intelligence Community.
The CNMF plans, directs, and synchronizes full-spectrum cyberspace operations to be prepared to defend the U.S.
Comparing to the best algorithm CNMF, our [CNMF.sub.[alpha]]t algorithm achieves 0.54 percent improvement.
For normalized mutual information, MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] achieves 7.2 percent improvement compared to CNMF. The details of classification accuracy and normalized mutual information are provided in Tables 3 and 4, which contain the error bars of [CNMF.sub.[alpha]=0.5], [CNMF.sub.[alpha]=2], and [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII].