CNMMCentre for Micro and Nano Mechanics (Tsinghua University; UK)
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CNMM will invest into geological exploration and development of the Pakrut mine.
CNMM declared about its readiness to participate in implementation of social projects, such as construction of hospitals and schools.
The key to the design of CNMM is its flexibility, the way it can "absorb" many different types of analog and digital information technologies while simultaneously providing access, control and distribution throughout the campus(es) using the common Windows 95 interface (see sidebar, The Solution Architecture, for more details).
Plus, unlike digital-only video solutions, there are no inherent bandwidth limitations to the number of simultaneous separate programs that can be conducted with the CNMM.
Via seamless, networked multimedia made possible by CNMM, all of this becomes possible -- controlled right from the desktop at any number of individual PCs connected on the campus infrastructure.
As the beta site of CNMM, the University of Connecticut has been exploring some possible applications.
The university's School of Education, for instance, uses the CNMM system to connect to one of its "professional development centers" located at the Natchaug Elementary School in Willimantic, Conn.
CNMM allows the university to make its much larger cache of resources available to students and teachers at Natchaug.