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CNNCable News Network
CNNConvolutional Neural Network (machine learning)
CNNClinton News Network
CNNCellular Neural Network (parallel computing paradigm)
CNNCommunity News Network (various organizations)
CNNComposite Network Node
CNNCompetitive Neural Network
CNNCrappy News Network
CNNCercle des Nageurs de Nyon (French; Swiss swim club)
CNNCertified Nephrology Nurse
CNNCorazón Nueva Nación (Guatemala; political party)
CNNCapone N Noreaga (band)
CNNCroatian Nauseous News
CNNCyber Nation Network (Japanese band)
CNNChaotic Neural Network
CNNCellular Neural/nonlinear Network (computing paradigm and architecture)
CNNCompanhia Nacional de Navegação (Lisbon, Portugal, former steamship company)
CNNC-Notched Noise (Sprint)
CNNCalling Number Node (Sprint)
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And now there are documented numbers to show that many people are outraged by CNN Turk's apparent determination to avoid covering the so-called "Turkish Spring," which has become the most significant protest in Turkey's recent history and the scene of a shockingly violent crackdown.
Baltimore # 101 ~ Baltimore, MD Suzann VanBuskirk, BSN, RN, CNN
It gives CNN a powerful base from which to coordinate seven regional bureaus and showcase a new daily news show from the Middle East," he added.
CNN Newsource Sales will support the new CNN Wire Store commercial website.
By this scorecard, CNN provides the most exhaustively complete coverage, Fox trucks in the most crowd-pleasing perspectives (though Shepard Smith tones it down somewhat, and his demeanor and transitions to field reporters - ``What's up, bro?
As Netcenter's premier broadcast news partner, CNN will be prominently featured on the Netcenter service, and will have a permanent presence on the Netcenter homepage, where users can directly link to CNN.
CNN Mobile's content is optimized for SMS (Short Message Service) delivery and supports the Smart Messaging concept developed by Nokia.
One of the biggest problems people face with the rapid growth of the Internet is the difficulty of finding news they can trust," said Scott Woelfel, editor-in-chief of CNN Interactive.
Those of CNN International alone soared 107 percent.
Chapman points to a story featured on the highly-rated blog The Daily Kos, "Advertising as Payola: Who really owns CNN," that also suggests firms like Lockheed and Boeing, who have no products to sell to the general public, advertise on major networks to gain influence over the media outlet.
According to KC Estenson, General Manager of CNN Digital 10 millions users who have downloaded CNN's mobile apps and the tens of millions of people who get the latest news and information from (http://www.
Jersey North # 126~North Jersey Marilyn Eilert, RN, CNN