CNNACatholics Need Not Apply
CNNACellular Neural Networks and Their Applications (IEEE workshop)
CNNACoalition of Norwalk Neighborhood Associations
CNNACorcoran Nelson Nardone and Associates (architectural firm; Atlanta, GA)
CNNACulture-Negative Neutrophilic Ascites
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404, P250/mm3 in AF with a positive bacterial culture) and CNNA (WBC count [greater than or equal to] 500/mm3 and PMNL >250/mm3 in AF but the culture is negative).
However, patients with SBP had significantly more complications ([greater than or equal to]2) and were easy to experience fever, abdominal pain, and rebound than patients with CNNA (P<0.
SBP and CNNA are regarded as serious complications of advanced liver cirrhosis.
It was reported that the PCT level was significantly higher in SBP than CNNA.
demonstrated that serum PCT levels may be used as a marker for the diagnosis of SBP in patients with cirrhosis via comparing 20 SBP patients and 39 CNNA patients.
22 Simultaneously, our findings revealed that there was no significant difference between SBP patients and CNNA patients in serum CRP, which suggested that CRP in AFI patients seems not to provide satisfactory diagnostic accuracy.
What really killed Bulgariaas King Boris III in the midst of WWII, CNNas Christiane Amanpour asksA his son Simeon Saxe-Coburg-Gotha in an interview.
The latest EMS figures released by IPSOS show CNNas the topmostnews brand in the Middle East and Africa, reaching a larger audience than all direct news competitors in every metric across both regions on TV, digital and cross-platform.