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It's an approach that's been tried before--at CNNfn, and to an extent at CNBC, where anchors were once instructed to ditch the finance jargon--"the Fed" for example--but found they ended up talking down to their core aud of finance professionals.
On June 20, 2003, he was interviewed on no less than three cable television shows: American Morning with Paula Zahn on CNN, Fox & Friends on Fox News and The Money Gang on CNNfn. He is frequently recognized when he travels, but often tells people who approach him that he's not the actor in the ad--he simply looks like him, according to Armstrong.
Time Warner's world headquarters will occupy 865,000 s/f of office and studio space, with state-of-the-art digital production and broadcast facilities for live transmission of CNN and CNNfn.
Today there are three 24-hour news channels (CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC), plus the financial news channels CNBC and CNNfn. There are regional all-news channels like New England Cable News.
The authors particularly(and appropriately) emphasize technology in this chapter, mentioning Web casts of investors' meetings, the growth in traffic at such sites as and, and the importance of corporations monitoring the Internet and responding promptly to rumors and misinformation.
CNN (owned by Time Warner) didn't cover the issue until May 27, although there were a few segments in mid-May on its business news programs on CNNfn. Fox News (owned by Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation) ran nothing until May 30.
She has a solid background in print journalism and is also a finance commentator on CNN, CNNfn, CNBC, and FOX News.
CNN also used additional servers from its other web-based services such as CNNsi and CNNfn to host the extra traffic" (Tedeschi 2001).
For more on the Economic Divide in America, visit for reports on minority homeownership, affirmative action and education, the gender gap and the glass ceiling, plus transcripts of CNNfn interviews with our editors.
Maddox has appeared on CNN, CNNfn, Good Morning America, Fox Morning News, and on NBC News talking about her expertise in marketing and advertising.
The second appearance in November on CNNfn served as viewers' window into the world of franchising to learn about the ABC's of the sector as DeBolt was paired with Entrepreneur Magazine Senior Vice President, Editorial Director Rieva Lesonsky.