CNNNNChaser Non-Stop News Network (Australian Satire, ABC network)
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A live audience and a house band: newstainment and CNNNN
With its scrolling news bar along the bottom, pop-up menus and use of multiple screens, CNNNN took the excesses of the original to new and hilarious heights.
By the second series of CNNNN in 2003, The Chaser team had refined their satire further, describing the show as a new form of 'newstainment' bringing a live audience and a house band into the studio.
This comment suggests at least two reasons why CNNNN was so effective as a comedy.
This winning style is alive and well today with The Glass House, Kath and Kim, CNNNN and Double the Fist, but what is now needed is an injection of a youthful spirit combining intelligence, innovation and play into other often earnest areas like documentary, news and current affairs, science and arts.