CNOGConfederacion Nacional de Organizaciones Ganaderas (National Confederation of Livestock Unions, Mexico)
CNOGChairman, Nuclear Operations Group (US DoD)
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For those who work on future Navy programs and budget, the CNOG and other classified documents are more directly useful.
Design 1.0 is a total of eight pages that are intended to "guide our behaviors and investments, both this year and in the years to come." (42) However, it also states that "[m]ore specific details about programs and funding adjustments will be reflected in our annual budget documents," undoubtedly referring to, among others, the CNOG.
The 2009 CNOG refines the scope of CNO's 18 intentions such as continuing to be the dominant and most influential naval force, and continuing to work with the Navy's sister services and global partners to ensure maritime security.
The 2009 CNOG sets the course for how the Navy will implement the maritime strategy throughout the year and the Navy Ethos statement bring the Navy team together, embodying the principles of who we are as a team.