CNOPConseil National de l'Ordre des Pharmaciens (French: National Council of the Order of Pharmacists)
CNOPCoordination Nationale des Organisations Paysannes (French: National Coordination of Peasant Organizations; Mali)
CNOPConfederación Nacional de Organizaciones Populares (Spanish: National Confederation of Popular Organizations; Mexico)
CNOPComité National d'Optique et de Photonique (French: National Committee for Optics and Photonics)
CNOPCyclophosphamide, Mitoxantrone, Vincristine, Prednisone (chemotherapy)
CNOPCentral Outpost (formerly Global Clan Directory)
CNOPChild Nutrition Outreach Program (Massachusetts)
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Cnop M, Havel PJ, Utzschneider KM, Carr DB, Sinha MK, Boyko EJ, et al.
Le president du Cnop appelle, quant a lui, a analyser la problematique de la penurie par un reseau informatique qui permettra un echange de data.
NF-KB activation leads to production of nitric oxide (NO) and depletion of endoplasmic reticulum (ER) calcium (Ammendrup et al., 2000; Cnop et al.).
Solving CNOP is essentially an optimization problem of nonlinear objective function.
Type 1 diabetes is characterized by an increased formation/release of proinflammatory cytokines from granulocytes, macrophages and lymphocytes (Cnop et al.
Diagnosis Treatment 1 NKTCL C/T (CHOP X 1, ProMACE-CytaBOM X 1, ESHAP) 2 NKTCL C/T (CEOP X 1) + R/T (40 Gy) 3 NKTCL C/T (a) 4 NKTCL No 5 NKTCL C/T (CNOP X 3) 6 MF C/T (CEOP X 2) 7 MF PUVA 8 MF PUVA 9 MF PUVA 10 C-ALCL C/T (CHOP X 1) + R/T 11 C-ALCL C/T (COPBLAM X 8, CEOP X 6) 12 C-ALCL Excision 13 PCPTCL NA 14 PCPTCL NA 15 PCPTCL C/T (Oral) 16 PCPTCL C/T (CVP + etoposide X 1) 17 PCPTCL Excision 18 PCCD4TCL C/T (CEOP-E X 1) + R/T 19 PCCD4TCL C/T (CNOP X 3) 20 LyP No 21 LyP No 22 SS C/T (CHOP X 1) 23 SPTCL C/T (CHOP X 1) 24 PCLBCL C/Ta + R/T 25 PCLBCL C/T (P-VABEC) 26 PCFCL C/T (CHOP X 3, MINE X 2) + R/T (15 Gy) 27 PCFCL C/T (CNOP X 6) + R/T 28 PCFCL C/T (R-CHOP X 8) 29 PCMZL C/T (CEOP X 6) + R/T 30 PCMZL Excision 31 PCMZL Excision Case Outcome/ No.
- Oral arguments in Case T-23/09 Conseil National de l'Ordre des Pharmaciens (CNOP) and Conseil Central de la Section G de l'Ordre National des Pharmaciens (CCG) v Commission.
and soon there will be the School for Advanced Optics in Talence.* *ORGANISATION: ALPhA (Aquitaine Laser Photonics and Applications), the CEA and the Bordeaux Chamber of Commerce and Industry* With financial support from Europe, the French State, the Regional Council of Aquitaine, the General Council of Gironde, the Urban Community of Bordeaux and Bordeaux Town Hall* In collaboration with the CNOP (National Optics and Photonics Committee, a representative body for all French Optics and Photonics clusters), the EPIC (European Photonic Industry Consortium), the AFOP (Professional Optics/Photonics Association) and the Finance & Technologie association.