CNOSFComité National Olympique et Sportif Français (French: French Olympic and Sports National Committee)
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By creating the French CAS, the CNOSF demonstrated its determination to transpose the undeniable international success of the Tribunal Arbitral du Sport (3) (TAS) based in Switzerland onto a national platform.
(68) Yoan Grosset and Michael Attali, "Le nouveau CNOSF a la conquete d'une France sportive," in Jean Michel Martin (ed.), De la psychologie sportive a la signification du sport en 2005 (Reims: PUR, 2006), 96-120.
The federations, in their turn, are members of the CNOSF (Comite national olympique et sportif francais, or French National Olympic and Sports Committee).
This contract is the designation of the French NOC official partner in the insurance sector, which will also be responsible to provide for the CNOSF in insurance, including insurance, assistance from French delegations led by the CNOSF , the Olympic Games and other multi-sport events under the patronage of the IOC, as well as their matriels.
This contract involves conducting a study of the products and / or services that use the mark "Allez les Bleus" (hereinafter referred to as the "Trademark") accompanying the CNOSF negotiation and contracting licenses between manufacturers and / or distributors and the French NOC and operational procedures for monitoring licenses to be signes.
Implementing agency : Comit national olympique et sportif franais (CNOSF)
The consultation concerns the appointment of the official ticketing agency of the CNOSF for PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Games.
This contract is intended to designate a communication agency to which the CNOSF intends to entrust, on behalf of the development of the communication campaign for France Olympic team for the Rio Olympics.
Contract award: renewal of photocopiers park and the cnosf copying equipment.
The tender is to maintenance of heating and cooling of the CNOSF.
This tender is to clean the premises and glazed areas of French National Olympic and Sports Committee (CNOSF).