CNOTControlled-NOT (quantum gate)
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The NIST team found that its teleported CNOT process entangled the two magnesium ions -- a crucial early step -- with a 95% success rate, while the full logic operation succeeded 85% to 87% of the time.
Mehrez Bousayene also noted that "the National Olympic Committee is working to pay particular attention to women's sport through a framework agreement submitted for approval to various relevant ministries."We propose in this regard that the national media be involved in this convention because of their crucial role in the development of sport," said the CNOT president.
These problems were solved in our realization of the 'compact' optical CNOT gate (49),(50) without any path interference (51) (Fig.
We define [C.sub.ij] as a notation of a quantum CNOT gate.
The quantum CNOT gate acts on the connection states in the quantum register and chooses the connect state that achieves the maximum period.
A few generalizations of CNOT operation to the qudit level are proposed with the aim to implement qudit SWAP operation.
CNOT gate [23] is one of two qubit elementary quantum gate that are used in quantum gate realization of reversible circuits.
Nowadays, many kinds of reversible quantum gates have been proposed, for example, CNOT gate [1], Toffoli gate, and Fredkin gate [2].
have taken one step towards creating quantum computers by developing an all-semiconductor quantum logic gate, a controlled-NOT (CNOT) gate.
Find a time when she is calm and in a good mood Cnot in a hurry), and say, "Mom, I really want to be able to talk to you about stuff that is important to me, but I have to know that you won't get mad or tell anyone else.
There are quantum codes that can be used to show that a small sub-set of elementary quantum gates: Hadamard, phase, CNOT, called the normalizer group, can be implemented in a fault-tolerant manner.