CNPCChina National Petroleum Corporation
CNPCCentro Nacional de la Productividad y la Calidad (Chile)
CNPCConsolidated Nuclear Production Center
CNPCCommander, Navy Personnel Command
CNPCChina National Philatelic Corporation (Chinese stamp authority)
CNPCChronic Non-Productive Cough
CNPCCentre National Professionnel pour la Commercialisation des Articles de Sport et Loisir (French: National Center for Professional Marketing of Sporting Goods and Leisure)
CNPCConseil National des Professions du Cycle (French: National Council of Professional Cycling)
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While CNPC is technically a state-owned enterprise, if the Chinese
PetroChina another listed company o f CNPC, also attempts to develop towngas business through its newly bu ilt Kunlun Gas Co.
The transaction will enable CNPC to further expand its presence in upstream business in Syria.
CNPC (50%), in partnership with Petronas of Malaysia (25%) and Total of France (25%), is developing Halfaya in the south which will produce a minimum of 535,000 b/d within about five years.
The consortium led by BP (38 per cent) with partners CNPC (37 per cent) and the Iraq government's representative State Oil Marketing Organisation (SOMO - 25 per cent), has agreed to nearly triple the Rumaila field's output to almost three million barrels of oil a day (b/d), which would make it the world's second largest producing oilfield.
that CNPC intends to take the necessary measures to exercise its pre-emptive
This complete and comprehensive analysis of CNPC includes an overview of the industry the company operates.
State-owned petroleum company CNPC is one of the largest integrated energy companies in the world.
CNPC operates 26 refineries and petrochemical businesses.
After its creation in 2004, KMG EP merged into its system two major oil and gas producing ventures: UMG, in which CNPC has a stake and now being expanded with a revival of many wells kept idle for several years, and EnbaMunaiGaz (EMG) which produces about 55,000 b/d.
They also highlighted that cooperation of CNPC with Total and Tethys Petroleum Limited in Tajikistan will have a positive outlook.
That would see CNPC dumped in early July just before Iran hopes it will have completed a nuclear agreement with the Big Six that will lead to the lifting of sanctions and the return to Iran of firms that compete with CNPC, the China National Petroleum Corp.