CNPDChronic Nonspecific Pulmonary Disease
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A random number list was generated by computer and offered to every patient, patients who met inclusion criteria were randomly divided into intermittent-clamped drainage (ICD) group and CNPD group according to the odevity of hospital admission order by another researcher: an ICD group ( n = 78), which included patients who received improved ICD, and a CNPD group ( n = 78), which included patients who received CNPD.
In the CNPD group, the drainage tube was opened continuously.
One patient with CSF leakage in the CNPD group was eliminated from the study.
The drainage amount was significantly greater in the CNPD group as compared to the ICD group in 6 h to 48 h ( P < 0.
During the drainage period, no patient had infection and nerve compression in the clamped or the CNPD group.
CNPD is routinely used to prevent postoperative complications, such as epidural hematoma and associated neurologic compromise, following lower lumbar spine surgery.
Irrespective of how long CNPD was employed, bone defect and bone cavities caused by the internal fixation frame could not be filled, and CNPD only led to further blood loss primarily from the venous plexuses and capillaries after DSC and internal fixation.
Gabriela Domenzain, directora de prensa para medios hispanos de la campana de Obama, confia en que con la CNPD se llenaran los "huecos de insatisfaccion" que hay entre el electorado para con el presidente.
The tool utilizes a detailed and comprehensive database of more than 350 regulatory requirements and related guidance, developed by the CNPD.