CNPECenter for Nonprofit Excellence (Louisville, KY)
CNPECytologically Negative Pericardial Effusion (cell biology)
CNPECommission Nationale Paritaire pour l'Emploi (French: Joint National Commission for Employment)
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We are pleased to have reached further agreement with CNPE as they increase China's power generation capacity," said Sudipta Bhattacharya, president and CEO of Invensys, referring to the two previous agreements between the two bodies in 2008 and 2010.
Ainda em sentido contrario ao da previsibilidade, a Resolucao CNPE no 6/2007 determinou a retirada de 41 blocos as vesperas da realizacao da Nona Rodada de Licitacoes, alem da retirada do campo de Tupi, descoberto pela Petrobras (132).
Detectamos, por conseguinte, a recente exacerbacao e extrapolacao de poderes do CNPE, erodindo-se o espaco deliberativo do orgao regulador.
Tal comissao pareceu tomar o papel reservado pela Lei a ANP e ao CNPE.
My outgoing task as a current CNPE member is to be the campaign manager for any Colorado CNPE candidate
Neuman discussed the composition of the CNPE workgroup members responsible for the document update and described the format for the work.
Further iterations of the document emerged resulting from public comment, CNPE review and ANA BOD review.
The Congress on Nursing Practice and Economics (CNPE): In order to keep the CNPE at a reasonable number, while offering seats to nursing colleagues from affiliate groups, ANA's delegates voted for a majority of CNPE members to be elected by the House of Delegates and the remainder appointed by the Board from affiliate organizations.
Various CNPE Workgroups had prepared position statements for review and discussion.
In between semi-annual meetings, the CNPE membership is expected to read, review, provide comments, and vote upon approximately 1-2 documents per month.