CNPMIECChina National Precision Machinery Import and Export Corporation
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The TH-S311 Smarthunter Plus is another CNPMIEC mobile air-defence system, in this case using an LFMCW radar mounted on a four-wheel-drive vehicle to cue three ground-based cannon and twelve soldiers with QW-series missiles.
Summarising heavier CNPMIEC sam systems based on wheeled vehicles, the LY-60D launcher fires four 220-kg missiles with a range of 18 km, while the KS-1A sends two 886-kg missiles to 50 km, and the FT-2000 (not on show) carries four vertically launched 1300-kg missiles with a range of 100 km.
CNPMIEC's current inertially-guided surface-to-surface missile systems for use against area targets are the WS-2, which fires six 1250-kg rounds to 200 km, and the A100, which fires ten 840-kg rounds to 650 km.
In the ship-to-ship, sea-skimming, rocket-powered category, CNPMIEC now markets the 360-kg C704, which takes a 130-kg warhead to 38 km.