CNPSCaisse Nationale de Prévoyance Sociale (French: Nationial Case of Social Welfare)
CNPSCalifornia Native Plant Society
CNPSComputer Noise Prevention System
CNPSCanadian Nurses Protective Society
CNPSComputer Noise Prevention System (Zalman Tech)
CNPSCeská Neuropsychofarmakologická Spolecnost (Czech Neuropsychopharmacological Society)
CNPSCentre National de Pédagogie Spéciale (French: National Center for Special Pedagogy)
CNPSCentro Neuropsiquiatrico de Santiago (Chile)
CNPSCompact Nuclear Power Source
CNPSCommon Network Planning Software
CNPSCoastal & Native Plant Specialties
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situation: (1) file CNPS petitions or (2) reduce the number of
El problema de instituir el CNPS era dificil, hay que reconocerlo.
The CNPS is urging the Government to extend the zone reserved for local fishermen from 10 to 20 km, and for more investment in surveillance equipment.
Nothing in it should be construed as legal advice from any lawyer, contributor or the CNPS.
CNPS members hold regular weed-whacking events to maintain cleared areas.
In making this recommendation, CNPS pointed out that given "the level of nursing care required by individuals who experience debilitating and terminal medical conditions, nurses will inevitably be involved with the care of patients who requires medically assisted death" (9).
We've already suggested CNPS sales as sources for native plants.
For this reason CNPS points out that "if you have an obligation to perform a specific nursing act on a patient, such as taking vital signs, and you fail to chart that you have done so, the court may infer that the act was not performed".
Be it resolved that effective 2016 the annual NANB membership fees for RNs and NPs shall automatically be adjusted by any change in the CNA fee and any change in the CNPS RN and NP professional liability protection fees.
The Board supported the nomination of Monique Cormier-Daigle, RN as NANB's Representative on the CNPS Board.
WHEREAS CNA and CNPS fees are a part of the NANB membership fee;