CNPTCenter for Non-Profit Technology (New York, NY)
CNPTCommission Nationale de Prévention de la Torture (French: National Commission for the Prevention of Torture; Switzerland)
CNPTCavalcade, Nature, Pêche et Troubadours (French: Cavalcade, Nature, Fishing and Troubadours; blog)
CNPTComité Normand des Professionnels du Transport (French: Normandy Transport Professionals Committee; Rouen, Normandy, France)
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The training cascade began on April 10 with trainers from the CNPT spreading out across the Philippines to deliver training to the 1,600 election officers in the field.
While this training program vastly improved election workers' abilities as compared to previous elections, there is still much work to be done to support the development of COMELEC's CNPT and, eventually, to develop a permanent Department of Training.
Durante generaciones los pescadores tradicionales y las poblaciones indigenas dependieron de los recursos icticolas de la zona, lo que dio lugar a una movilizacion a favor de la creacion de este MERC (IBAMA / CNPT, 2002).