CNRMCentre National De Recherches Météorologiques
CNRMCollaborative Natural Resource Management
CNRMCrop and Natural Resource Management
CNRMCentre National de Ressources sur les Marchés (French: National Market Resource Center)
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Axes Family and Community Medicine Specialty Dates 1976 Establishment of the first Medical Residency Programs in General and Community Medicine 1981 Regulation of PRMs in Brazil (CNRM) 1991 1994 2000s (2001) Changing the nomenclature of General and Community Medicine (GCM) to Family and Community Medicine (FCM) August 8, Establishment of Brasilia's 2008 FCM Association, at the III National Exhibition of Family Health Production 2010 June 23-26, 11th Brazilian Congress 2011 of Family and Community Medicine 2011 2013 2014 Poor availability of FCDs with degree in the SES-DF network, little recognition and many confrontations with hegemonic model.
On January 13, Rainsy created the Cambodia National Rescue Movement (CNRM) without agreement from pro-Sokha opposition leaders after Rainsy resigned from the CNRP as its president, and as a member, on February 11, 2017.
It considers the 1998 reformation of the CNRM into the CNRT as having been illegal, considers the post-independence armed forces as being illicit and demands that the state goes back to the 1975 constitution, thus powerfully questioning the current constitutional order (International Crisis Group 2013; Myrttinen 2011a).
For the sake of unity, the convention replaced the name Maubere in CNRM with Timor, to accommodate UDT's rejection of the name Maubere which they considered to be derogatory.
This group is part of a larger umbrella organization, the National Council of Maubere Resistance (CNRM).
Other data, including the total number of seats authorized by CNRM per state and RMFC seat occupancy, was updated in early 2016 and 2017, respectively.
Sam Rainsy, head of the Cambodia National Rescue Movement (CNRM) established in 2018, as well as the newly elected acting president of the CNRP in exile, on Tuesday labelled the banned politicians who are set to return to politics through this amendment 'betrayers' of the CNRP.
A selecao destes profissionais seguiu as regras ditadas pela Comissao Nacional de Residencia Medica (CNRM), que determinam que, para a especialidade Medicina de Familia e Comunidade, o preceptor deveria ser MFC formado atraves de residencia medica.
For explanation of abbreviations see van der Linden & Mitchell (2009) Institute RCM GCM Resolution (km) C4I C4IRCA3 HadCM3Q16 25 ETHZ CLM HadCM3Q0 25 METO-HC HadRM3Q0 HadCM3Q0 25 METO-HC HadRM3Q16 HadCM3Q16 25 METO-HC HadRM3Q3 HadCM3Q3 25 DMI HIRHAM5 ECHAM5-r3 25 DMI HIRHAM5 ARPEGE 25 KNMI RACMO2 ECHAM5-r3 25 KNMI RACMO2 ECHAM5-r3 50 KNMI RACMO2 ECHAM5-r2 50 ICTP REGCM3 ECHAM5-r3 25 MPI REMO ECHAM5-r3 25 CNRM RM 5.1 ARPEGE 25 SMHI SMHIRCA ECHAM5-r3 25 SMHI SMHIRCA HadCM3Q3 25 Table 3.
[4] And the umbrella political resistance formed in 1981, the CNRM (Conselho Nacional da Resistencia Maubere), while maintaining a relationship with FALINTIL, was successful also in forging links with the emerging student-l ed urban resistance of the later 1980s.
They had left FRETILIN in protest against the formation of the National Council of Maubere Resistance (CNRM, or Concelho Nacional de Resistencia Maubere) in the occupied country on 31 December, 1988.