CNRMCentre National De Recherches Météorologiques
CNRMCollaborative Natural Resource Management
CNRMCrop and Natural Resource Management
CNRMCentre National de Ressources sur les Marchés (French: National Market Resource Center)
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We are afraid of the colour revolution or CNRM, because they do this without legal permission,' he said, referring to the gathering of nearly 300 villagers from four provinces at the Land Management Ministry and Council of Ministers on Monday.
It considers the 1998 reformation of the CNRM into the CNRT as having been illegal, considers the post-independence armed forces as being illicit and demands that the state goes back to the 1975 constitution, thus powerfully questioning the current constitutional order (International Crisis Group 2013; Myrttinen 2011a).
For the sake of unity, the convention replaced the name Maubere in CNRM with Timor, to accommodate UDT's rejection of the name Maubere which they considered to be derogatory.
As a former Marine, it's a distinct honor to work closely with CNRM to explore treatments for our brave soldiers.
Meanwhile, the Timorese student resistance movement, RENETIL, has taken a non-partisan line following the example of Xanana Gusmao and the CNRM, of which it was a member organisation.
auspices and with Indonesian and Portuguese participation, a series of conferences was convened between various representatives of East Timorese opinion, including the CNRM.
Criminal Hun Sen has no more tricks, and all of you should leave Hun Sen and join with CNRM all together to rescue our nation,' he said.
It's counter productive as people will be pushed to find other options such as responding to CNRM calls,' she said in a message.
saying that while CNRM members may not have committed 'rebellious acts', they had still broken the law.
Analisamos outros tres artigos que deram voz ao ex-secretario executivo da CNRM, e seu discurso e ambiguo, ja que se refere a Residencia Medica, ora como trabalho (na remuneracao, na qualificacao de seus profissionais etc), ora como "treinamento apos a graduacao" (AMB, 2008; Lopes, 2007a, 2007b), relevante quando se trata de falar do modelo pedagogico preconizado pela CNRM.
Ademais, a Comissao Nacional de Residencia Medica (CNRM) publicou a Resolucao CNRM no 02, de 17 de maio de 2006, que dispoe sobre os requisitos minimos dos Programas de Residencia Medica.