CNRPCommon Name Resolution Protocol
CNRPCentre for Nuclear and Radiation Physics (University of Surrey; UK)
CNRPCanadian Neurotrauma Research Program (Canadian Institutes of Health Research)
CNRPCarbon Nanotube Reinforced Polymer (nanotechnology)
CNRPCommunity Neighborhood Renaissance Partnership, Inc. (Tallahassee, FL)
CNRPCenter for Natural Resource Policy
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The request to dissolve the CNRP was filed by the Ministry of Interior on 6 October 2017 which claimed that the party had been plotting to overthrow the Government through a 'colour revolution' with US backing.
The decision is the latest in a series of moves against the CNRP.
On 21 July, CNRP Mining announced it had entered into non-binding letter of intent to acquire all of the issued and outstanding shares of the company.
CNRP now anticipates signing a definitive agreement for the acquisition in September 2017.
Two CNRP lawmakers have been named suspects for their role in procurement of prostitution and it is expected they will be stripped of their parliamentary immunity.
After the CNRP joins the NA, it is expected that full legitimacy (both legal and moral legitimacy) of the government will be restored, complete international recognition and support will be resumed, and inward flow of foreign direct investment will take a full swing.
Hundreds of CNRP supporters have been camped since December 15 in tents around a stage in Freedom Park, the only place in Phnom Penh where protests are allowed.
Hun Sen told reporters his party is ready to offer CNRP the positions of either first or second vice president, as well as four chairmanships and five deputy chairmanships of nine parliamentary commissions.
The CNRP has rejected the tally, alleging widespread vote rigging, but so far its efforts to challenge the results have failed and it has few formal options left in its bid to overturn Hun Sen's victory.
Protest leader Sam Rainsy told a group of about 20,000 supporters that the CNRP would boycott the opening session of parliament Sept.
A working group within the IETF is developing CNRP as a standard way to talk to systems such as RealNames.