CNRTComisión Nacional de Regulación del Transporte (Argentina: National Regulatory Transport Commission )
CNRTConselho Nacional da Resistencia Timorense
CNRTCorrected Sinus Node Recovery Time
CNRTCentre National de Recherche Technologique (French: National Center for Technological Research)
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It considers the 1998 reformation of the CNRM into the CNRT as having been illegal, considers the post-independence armed forces as being illicit and demands that the state goes back to the 1975 constitution, thus powerfully questioning the current constitutional order (International Crisis Group 2013; Myrttinen 2011a).
Mari Alkatiri, secretary general of Fretilin, has accused the CNRT of having instigated the tensions and urged the party to take responsibility and apologize to the public.
2000, at 197, 197 99 (discussing the UN's "course correction" after public criticism by the CNRT, and the problems that still exist for East Timor in its difficult road ahead).
Bonilla said he was especially concerned about the proposal to create the CNRT, which he said would be a sort of "super council" with "exaggerated" and "discretionary" powers.
The CNRT Congress last August declared that office holders within churches could not hold political office.
The Timorese doctors I met felt themselves oppressed, and expressed concern about the secretive nature of the activities of WHO and the CNRT committee.
The leaders of the CNRT have departed from the original ideology of Fretilin.
The ceremony itself was an emotional event with a public surrender of weapons as part of the offertory procession and then a tearful reconciliation -- embraces of peace -- between members of the CNRT and the two militia groups in front of the altar.
CNRT wins most votes in East Timor election, coalition gov't likely
The CNRT was ahead of other parties with 11,839 votes.
Because of this, CNRT was resurrected, to reconstruct all that is fundamentally unjust with our nation at the hands of the Fretilin leadership.
Popular Consultation, some in the CNRT leadership (including its