CNSASCorpo Nazionale Soccorso Alpino e Speleologico
CNSASConsiliul National pentru Studierea Arhivelor Securitatii (Romania)
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The same as it happened in France, in the Great Britain and overseas in the United States of America, Italy offered asylum to a significant number of ex-diplomats, politicians and scholars who asked for political asylum, the CNSAS indicating the Securitate's concern for the Romanian community from the Italian peninsula and even for the social and political reality in Italy.
Archives CNSAS, Bucharest, SIE, Informativ, Documentar, 1945-1980.
For the role played by the Securitate in the mass emigration of ethnic Germans after the 1960s, see CNSAS, Actiunea "Recuperarea.
Carmen Chivu si Mihai Albu, cercetatori acreditati pe langa CNSAS, au publicat recent o noua lucrare dedicata Securitatii comuniste.
So for several years the CNSAS saw no major results.
Former dissidents, fearing that the future of the CNSAS is at risk, have urged acting president TraJan Basescu to condemn the Communist past.
More, (3) we shall address the problem of the files through analyzing the data available in the annual activity reports of CNSAS.
Doch uber die fragwurdige Zusammensetzung der Behorde hinaus, erwies sich das Ubergabeverfahren der Akten als ausserst problematisch, da die noch nicht zerstorten Akten unter der Aufsicht des rumanischen Informationsdienstes (Serviciul Roman de Informatii) in unterschiedlichen Einrichtungen gelagert wurden (34) und erst 2005, nur unvollstandig, dem CNSAS ubergegeben wurden.
Were subsequent decisions, which went as far as the disestablishment of the CNSAS after an incoherent ruling of the Constitutional Court, (30) determined among others by a pro-Orthodox lobby to keep hidden the revelations in the files?
Ulterior, vorbind frecvent despre dosarele fostei securitati, sprijinind CNSAS si culminand cu discursul in fata Parlamentului, prilejuit de lansarea Raportului Comisiei Tismaneanu, el a speculat politic obscuritatea trecutului recent al Romaniei si ambiguitatea raporturilor cu regimul comunist.
on March 8, 2000, the new CA president, Serban Radulescu-Zoner, went on parliamentary strike in order to draw attention to the urgent need for voting the CNSAS College (the National Council for Studying the Archives of the Former Securitate).