CNSDConfédération Nationale des Syndicats Dentaires
CNSDCentro Nazionale Servizi Demografici (Italian: National Center for Demographic Services)
CNSDCertified Nutrition Support Dietitian
CNSDChronic Non-Specific Diarrhoea
CNSDCouncil for National Security and Defense (Ukraine)
CNSDCrows Nest Soft Drinks (Australia)
CNSDCentre National des Sports de la Défense (French: National Sports Center for Defense)
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4) The CNSD and I advised her to take special precautions when exercising, such as pre-testing, eating extra carbohydrates, and carrying a cellphone and snacks.
4) I worked with the CNSD, Anna and her father, and we focused education sessions on diet, insulin administration, foot care, exercise, physiological status and support.
The CNSD and I developed a management plan, in partnership with Anna and her dad, explaining why it was important to keep within the plan and the need to make the goals achievable.
The family knew to contact the CNSD if they had any concerns and had a list of phone numbers to ring in an emergency.
The CNSD was inspected in order to find verb stems to which a significant variety of extensions can be affixed.
After this initial phase, possible extension sequences were searched for in an electronic version of the CNSD (7) to establish more environments within which they occur, to seek confirmation about their combinations with other extensions and to complete the list of their positions relative to other extensions.
A similar generic script, as defined in the Perl example above (example (1)), was also run against the CNSD and an electronic version of the Northern Sotho Bible (Bibele: Taba Ye Botse, 2002) in order to extract all extension combinations, regardless of sequence, as a test sample.
Finally, possible extension sequences were created by the authors by combining extensions without adding them to stems, and searched for in the electronic version of the CNSD and the sample from the PSC, in case certain combinations might not yet have been encountered.
Based on data from the CNSD we made the assumption that a sequence of five extensions as a maximum would seldom be surpassed.
As an example of a highly productive verb the basic stem -kgoma (touch, reach) is quoted in example (8), taken from the CNSD.
Examples of roots (roots are underlined according to diachronic considerations) with five or more extensions from the PSC and the CNSD respectively, appear under (9).
We know that well-nourished people respond better to medical treatment and report an improved quality of life," says Nutrition Program Director, Marianne Duda, MS, RD, LD/N, CNSD.