CNSLCanadian National Soccer League
CNSLComité National de Solidarité Laïque (French: National Secular Solidarity Committee)
CNSLCentro Nazionale Sportivo Libertas (Italian: Libertas National Sports Center)
CNSLCommander, Naval Surface Force, Atlantic
CNSLCaustic Nut Shell Liquid (found in the husks of unprocessed cashew nuts)
CNSLCentral Nervous System Lymphomas
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(NASDAQ: CNSL) is a leading broadband and business communications provider serving consumers, businesses, and wireless and wireline carriers across rural and metro communities and a 23-state service area.
Taking into account the interim period cashflows that are forecast to be generated by CNSL from the effective date, it is anticipated that the price payable at completion will be around USD 1.65bn, subject to adjustments for the transfer of working capital.
(1) For example, one of the most successful CNSL applications are epoxy curing agents, a type of derivatives exhibiting good reactivity for fast and low temperature cure, strong adhesion even to damp or poorly prepared surfaces, excellent water resistance, corrosion protection and chemical resistance in epoxy formulations, all properties imparted by cardanol's peculiar chemical backbone.
He also explained that the CNSL contains high proportion of phenolic compounds, used in the production of water proofing agents, preservatives for the production of paints and plastics, as well as substances for making brake lining compounds.
[6] narrate the pyrolysis procedure of CNSL, the pyrolysis is done in a reactor at a negative pressure of 5kPa and at various maximum temperatures between 400-600oC, with an increase of 50[degrees]C for each experiment.
(4) Among the renewable resources, cashew nut shell liquid (CNSL), an agricultural renewable resource material obtained as a byproduct of the cashew processing industry, is unique in that it possesses phenolic moiety with an unsaturated 15-carbon side chain, as shown in Scheme 1.
The shell of the cashew nut (Anacardium occidentale L.) contains an alkylphenolic oil which is internationally known as "cashew nut shell liquid" (CNSL) and constitutes nearly 25% of the total weight of the nut.
One renewable resource that has found many uses in the polymer field is the Cashew Nut Shell Liquid (CNSL), which is a side product of the cashew (Annacardium ocidentale) nut industry [1].