CNSOPBCanada Nova Scotia Offshore Petroleum Board
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CNSOPB CEO Stuart Pinks said, We are satisfied that the cause of the incident has been properly determined and that appropriate corrective actions have been taken so that drilling may resume safely.
According to Pinks, the CNSOPB continues to review the incident, also to include the investigation report, in order to ascertain if future regulatory actions or changes are necessary.
pdf (a geographic representation of CNSOPB and C-NLOPB jurisdictions).
Canadian Superior is one of the largest holders of deepwater acreage offshore Nova Scotia where the CNSOPB has recently significantly upgraded potential natural gas reserves.
Responding to a leak of the Sable gas pipeline and media reports that the CNSOPB has no inspectors on hand at site operations and relies solely on the petroleum industry to report mishaps, Gorman says there is enough evidence to seriously question the credibility of the CNSOPB, which receives over half a million dollars of its annual budget from the Sable gas project.
If you look at their track record, it is our belief that the CNSOPB is functioning as a promotional agency for the petroleum industry, not as a neutral regulatory authority," says coalition member Percy Hayne.
been obtained from the CNSOPB to commence well site
Canadian Superior's Director of East Coast Operations, Mike Coolen, said in Halifax today, "The well site survey work is being completed in compliance with CNSOPB regulations and guidelines; and, completion of this survey is one of the final steps required to obtain regulatory approval for the drilling of the initial 'Mariner' test well.
Coolen commented, "We have received approval from the CNSOPB for our Mayflower Canada-Nova Scotia Benefits Plan.
We have just completed our Canada-Nova Scotia Benefits Plan for 'Mayflower' and it will be filed with the CNSOPB next week".
Canadian Superior's Director of East Coast Operations, Mike Coolen, said in Halifax today, "The wellsite survey work was completed in compliance with Canada-Nova Scotia Offshore Petroleum Board's ("CNSOPB's") regulations and guidelines and that the results of the survey are being forwarded to CNSOPB to obtain final approval for the drilling of the initial "Marquis" test well which is on track for Q2 of this year.
The results of the survey will be used to obtain final CNSOPB approval for drilling of the initial test well.