CNSOPBCanada Nova Scotia Offshore Petroleum Board
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CNSOPB CEO Stuart Pinks said, We are satisfied that the cause of the incident has been properly determined and that appropriate corrective actions have been taken so that drilling may resume safely.
According to Pinks, the CNSOPB continues to review the incident, also to include the investigation report, in order to ascertain if future regulatory actions or changes are necessary.
(131.) See Nat'l Energy Bd., Arctic Offshore Drilling Review 6 (2011), available at 2011/rctcffshrdrllngrvw/rctcffshrdrllngrvw-eng.pdf (a geographic representation of CNSOPB and C-NLOPB jurisdictions).
Note that, unlike Whycocomagh N-90, Wenonah J-75 was drilled prior to metrification, and depths on all samples and slides stored both at CNSOPB and at Geological Survey of Canada (Atlantic) were recorded in feet.
Coolen commented, "As planned, prior to year end, we completed and filed, with the CNSOPB, our 'Environmental Assessment of Exploration Drilling - Mayflower Licence (EL 2406)' and the results of our Deep-Water Environmental Survey field program characterizing the benthic habitat in that block.
Canadian Superior is one of the largest holders of deepwater acreage offshore Nova Scotia where the CNSOPB has recently significantly upgraded potential natural gas reserves.
Coalition member Mary Gorman says that recent events prove that "the CNSOPB is in a conflict of interest and is incapable of functioning competently as a neutral regulatory authority".