CNSPConselho Nacional de Seguros Privados (National Council of Private Insurance; Brazil)
CNSPCoordinamento Nazionale delle Scuole Private di Psicoterapia
CNSPCertified Network Security Professional
CNSPCertified Nutrition Support Physician (American Society of Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition)
CNSPCommander Naval Surface Force Pacific
CNSPComputer Network Service Professionals (Santa Fe, NM)
CNSPChildren in Need for Special Protection System (Trinidad & Tobago)
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In Brazil, Susep and CNSP have worked on developing the regulatory and supervisory framework based on the three pillars instituted in Solvency II.
The sampling frame of the CNSP baseline survey consisted of all households within the selected communities.
The influence of cement type and chemical admixtures on W/C ratio in the identical spread-flow cement pastes Mark of the CN CNP CNSP CR CRP CRSP CLN specimen * W/C 0.
18) En Durango y San Luis Potosi se deja abierta la participacion a los delegados del gobierno federal integrantes del CNSP.
The CNSP first proposed the two resolutions--224 and 225--in December 2010, according to Jorge Daniel Luzzi, group risk management director with Italian tire-maker Pirelli Group and vice president of the Federation of European Risk Management Associations.
22) Entrevista con Gal Abdoulaye Coulibaly, antiguo comandante de la Fuerza Aerea marfilena y numero 3 del CNSP.
El presidente de la CNSP subraya que las autoridades tienen que tomar cartas en el asunto para frenar los secuestros, que ya estan ahuyentando muchas inversiones en el pais.
The design of the CNSP includes an intensive, 8-week, supervised, clinical experience for senior nursing students with supplementary workshops concentrating on career transition and professional development.
When, on 5 January Guei announced the composition of a transitional government, he awarded himself a number of strategic positions: defence minister, head of the CNSP and President de la Republique.
Meanwhile, CNSP -- the Nicaraguan organization established to coordinate and distribute nongovernmental foreign aid -- is "pretty well defunct," says Fyles.
Osorio Chong tenia como interlocutor en la secretaria tecnica del CNSP a un politico, Luis Rene Souvervielle Gorozpe, cuyo interes esta en el Estado de Mexico.