CNSPConselho Nacional de Seguros Privados (National Council of Private Insurance; Brazil)
CNSPCoordinamento Nazionale delle Scuole Private di Psicoterapia
CNSPCertified Network Security Professional
CNSPCertified Nutrition Support Physician (American Society of Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition)
CNSPCommander Naval Surface Force Pacific
CNSPComputer Network Service Professionals (Santa Fe, NM)
CNSPChildren in Need for Special Protection System (Trinidad & Tobago)
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The influence of cement type and chemical admixtures on W/C ratio in the identical spread-flow cement pastes Mark of the CN CNP CNSP CR CRP CRSP CLN specimen * W/C 0.
The CNSP first proposed the two resolutions--224 and 225--in December 2010, according to Jorge Daniel Luzzi, group risk management director with Italian tire-maker Pirelli Group and vice president of the Federation of European Risk Management Associations.
Similar sentiments came from Deputy Silvano Aureoles, coordinator of the Partido de la Revolucion Democratica (PRD) in the Chamber of Deputies, who endorsed the proposals to incorporate citizens into the CNSP, form regional strategies to address crime, and boost training for police forces.
Initially, the TAG expected that the single point of failure items would be reviewed and proposed to CNSP as a Pack-Up Kit (PUK) for funding to improve the operational availability of the SQQ-32 and SLQ-48 systems onboard the MCMs.
Under the plan endorsed by the CNSP in early June, Mexico would eliminate more than 2,000 municipal police departments and transfer the law-enforcement responsibilities to a more efficient and presumably better-funded state-level entity.
DeLegge, MD, FACG, CNSP is Director of the Section of Nutrition for the Charlotte Clinic for Gastrointestinal and Liver Diseases, P.