CNSTATCommittee on National Statistics
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Thus, the Census Bureau, with the urging of statistical groups outside the government, such as the American Statistical Association and CNSTAT, has developed a plan for using sampling in the census in two new applications.
The CNSTAT report, in contrast, favors appointment by the President with the approval by the Senate, for a specific term not coincident with that of the administration.
Fifth, under the CNSTAT recommendation, it was possible to track only the price indexes of randomly selected diseases; consequently, the aggregate treatment price for a disease that was not in the sample could not be tracked.
The price indexes computed under the method recommended by CNSTAT did not differ statistically from the currently published medical CPI under the goods-and-services concept.
The final set of indexes computed complies with the CNSTAT recommendations and is representative of what the Nation is paying for treating each disease.
This approach is explicitly endorsed by the Boskin Report and supported by the CNSTAT report.
Although BLS has chosen not to attempt to reflect consumer surplus in the index explicitly--consistent with the recommendation of the CNSTAT panel--the CPI program has taken several steps in recent years to keep the market basket up to date.