CNT1Concentrative Nucleoside Transporter 1
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By improving the function of CNT1, the researchers increased the effectiveness of the cancer-killing drugs in pancreatic tumor cells derived from human patients, said lead-author Raj Govindarajan.
The researchers identified different methods to enhance CNT1 function and slow growth of the tumor cells.
They found that by using additional drugs that inhibit pathways that degrade CNT1, they could partially restore its normal function and transport more gemcitabine into the tumor cells to prevent proliferation of the tumor.
IB) spectrum was observed at 1,731 cnT1 related to C=0 stretching frequency in the polyester network.
In second peak, there is also a minor shift in the C-N aromatic structure [35-37] from 1225 cnT1 by "Kapton_neutron3B" and 1,230 [cm.sup.-1] with respect to "Kapton_neutron3A" this lower wave number actually comes in the region which is known as a finger print region.
The peaks at 977, 927, 837, and 687 cnT1 are due to the C-S bond of the thiophene ring [54].
The peak at 1,404 cnT1 was assigned to dissymmetry deformation vibration of the two methyls which linked with Si.
Small changes of the Raman shift of D and G bands after the addition of the clay is observed, which is not safe to attribute to a better dispersion of MWCNTs in the polymer matrix, due to the presence of clay, since the spectral resolution is ~7 cnT1 [11].
Other characteristic absorption peaks at 3295 cnT1 (phenolic OH), 1198 [cm.sup.-1] (P=0), 1584 [cm.sup.-1] (P--Ph), and 1174 and 920 [cm.sup.-1] (P--O--Ph) denoted that the 4-hydroxyphenyl and cyclic DOPO structure in DOPO-PHM was still maintained.