CNT2Concentrative Nucleoside Transporter Type 2
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Comparison of the three control treatments (CNT2, CNT2-I, and CNT2-I-A) revealed that the infection of fish with A.
The cumulative mortality was high for the treatments CNT2-I and MFE-2-I (Figure 1), while that for the control treatment (CNT2) and CNT2-I-A was similar (no mortality).
hydrophila in Experiment 2, RBC, albumin, and total protein values were lower in the fish in the control treatment not treated with the antibiotic (CNT2-I) or in fish receiving the treatments MFE-2-I and MFE-5-I, than in fish receiving other treatments (CNT2, CNT2-I-A, and MFE-7-I).
The register CNT2 and CNT1 are 6 bits, which hold the minutes and seconds of the clock.