CNTCCanadian Network of Toxicology Centres
CNTCChina National Tobacco Corporation
CNTCCentral Nacional de Trabajadores del Campo (Spanish: National Federation of Rural Workers; Honduras)
CNTCConfederação Nacional Trab Comércio
CNTCCovenant Not to Compete (legal agreement)
CNTCChief of Naval Telecommunications
CNTCCanadian National Teams Championship (bridge card game championship)
CNTCCanadian Nissan Truck Club
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He was told that CNTC was initially established in 1958 as a state owned enterprise, and is currently one of the largest private sector construction conglomerate working in all provinces of China and over 20 countries around the world.
Bing briefed the president about the working of CNTC.
is a subsidiary of China Tobacco International Inc, in turn a subsidiary of CNTC.
26) ACAN es la Asociacion Campesina Nacional; ANACH es la Asociacion Nacional de Campesinos de Honduras (ANACH); y CNTC es la Central Nacional de Trabajadores del Campo.
Cabe entonces preguntarse Que es lo que vio la CNTC en este texto para arriesgarse y apostar por el, en un momento de grandes expectativas cervantinas como el conmemorativo cuarto centenario del Quijote en el 2005?
As we understand that the registration contains all the vital information of the person, such as his CNTC number and address.
Eran otros los problemas que la aquejaban y asi lo intentaron transmitir los gestores encargados de la programacion del teatro clasico de caracter publico, quienes, a traves del director de la CNTC, Adolfo Marsillach, responsable tambien de la puesta en escena del espectaculo, decidieron representar esta obra en fecha tan significativa.
On their website (CNTC 2004), the CNTC indicates being funded mostly by public sources (90%) and does not mention the identity of private sources.
The Tax Court cited MacDonald and stated there is no saleable goodwill when a corporation's business is so dependent on its personnel, unless these key employees enter into a CNTC with the corporation.
The agreement marked a 'significant milestone' in Gallaher's collaboration with CNTC.
Under the agreement one of Gallaher's brands would be made and distributed in China and it would in turn distribute a CNTC brand in Russia.