CNTICChina National Textile Industry Council
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When setting standards, it seeks technical support from the Textile Industry Standardization Institute (TISI) and consults with the CNTIC. AQSIQ is also the agency responsible for enforcing standards and providing certification of products and enterprises.
The equipment will be produced by China National Technical Export--Import Company (CNTIC).
Julie James' analysis makes accurate assertions about the themes of "El otro", namely time, memory and human existence, but only briefly comments on their relation to the structure, since her argument centers on the significance of the variations of the date on the banknote as 1964 or 1974 in the different editions of "El otro." Helen Calaf de Aguera, ah early cntic of the work, argues that the function of the "double" in "El otro" is to reveal the existential dilemma of man coming to terms with the illusory nature of his existence.
And CNTIC has bought a pounds 700,000 Wellman copper and alloy tube processing line to be installed at the Luoyang copper works in Najing.
A consortium of Chinese companies CNTIC and CNR DLRC completed delivery of 11 electric locomotives for Uzbekistan Railways in December 2013.
In a collection of etchings called Cntic Del Sol, Mir portrays the moon, sun, earth and the elements of fire and water just as he saw them.