CNTKCentrum Naukowo Techniczne Kolejnictwa (Poland, Railway Scientific and Technical Center)
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Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit, previously known as CNTK is a deep learning library developed in C++ that offers high accuracy and speed, being compatible with many common programming languages or algorithms.
Some of the most popular deep learning libraries The programming Deep learning libraries/toolboxes developed in the No language respective programming language 1 Python Theano and based on it: Keras, Pylear2, Lasagne, Blocks Caffe nolearn Gensim Chainer deepnet Hebel CXXNET DeepPy DeepLearning Neon 2 Python API over TensorFlow by Google a C/C++ engine 3 Matlab ConvNet DeepLearnT oolBox cuda-convnet MatConvNet eblearn 4 C++ SINGA NVIDIA DIGITS Intel[R] Deep Learning Framework Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit, previously known as CNTK 5 Java N-Dimensional Arrays for Java (ND4J) Deeplearning4j Encog H20 Web API 6 JavaScript Convnet.
We are pleased to have them on our team," said Guido Volante, "as CNTK will globally market its network of contacts in the pursuit of general as well as specific business deals relative to the company's format of entertainment and TV broadcasting.