CNTPConditions Normales de Température et de Pression (French: Normal Temperature and Pressure Conditions)
CNTPCondições Normais de Temperatura e Pressão
CNTPCompagnie Nouvelle du Traitement des Paiements (French data processing company)
CNTPCalifornia New Teacher Project (est. 1988)
CNTPCommunications in Number Theory and Physics (journal)
CNTPComprehensive National Territorial Plan (South Korea)
CNTPCentre National de Tests Psychotechniques (French: National Psychometric Testing Center)
CNTPCommon Network Time Protocol
CNTPClinical Nurse Transition Program (US Army)
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The ER/CNT dispersions prepared from the powder (ER/ CNTP and ER/CNTP/IL) exhibited a significant increase of viscosity at low frequency range and a shear thinning effect, where the viscosity decreases as the frequency measured increases.
Caption: Figure 7: SEM and fluorescence microscope images of MC3T3-E1 cells on IP-CHA and CNTp scaffolds.
Her desire to improve the efficacy of prescribed therapeutic exercises motivated her outreach to the CNTP nurses.
557, 559) and Tong Cuc Thong Ke va Bo Nong Nghiep va CNTP (1991, p.
As part of the agreement Experian will acquire a majority stake in CNTP, Setib's cheque processing subsidiary.
The California Standards for the Teaching Profession (CSTP) developed by the California Department of Education and the Commission on Teacher Credentialing, grew out of the California New Teacher Project (CNTP).
The pilot tests were to be conducted as part of the assessment component of the California New Teacher Project (CNTP), a three-year project designed to explore innovative methods of supporting and assessing California's beginning teachers.
The WBAMC is a Phase II site for the BG (R) Anna Mae Hays Clinical Nurse Transition Program (CNTP), which is designed to ensure the readiness of the Army's new registered nurses (RNs).
In 1988, Senator Bergeson authored legislation (SB 148, Chapter 1455, Statutes of 1988) creating the California New Teacher Project (CNTP), a pilot program intended to examine the value and viability of providing beginning teachers with systematic support to increase both teacher effectiveness and retention in the profession.