CNTPCondições Normais de Temperatura e Pressão
CNTPCalifornia New Teacher Project (est. 1988)
CNTPCommunications in Number Theory and Physics (journal)
CNTPComprehensive National Territorial Plan (South Korea)
CNTPCommon Network Time Protocol
CNTPClinical Nurse Transition Program (US Army)
CNTPConditions Normales de Température et de Pression (French: Normal Temperature and Pressure Conditions)
CNTPCompagnie Nouvelle du Traitement des Paiements (French data processing company)
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This is a core difference in current Army Nurse Corps utilization policy compared with that prior to the CNTP.
The CNTP posed a challenge to the section because the program's new RNs arrive and depart in groups.
About Columbus Nova Technology Partners CNTP is a global technology investment firm with offices in Silicon Valley and New York.
At the completion of CNTP, nurses begin their practice as tactical leaders of the Patient CaringTouch System.
The purpose of the CNTP was to experiment with different types of mentoring and support systems for new teachers in order to improve teaching and teacher retention rates.
For teacher educators at the program level it was pivotal that this set of standards and its assessment system derived from the practice of beginning and mentor teachers participating voluntarily in CNTP and then BTSA.
Under the CNTP, teacher induction is loosely defined as that stage after pre-service training when a beginning teacher assumes full classroom responsibilities.