CNTSCentre National des Techniques Spatiales (French)
CNTSCross-National Time-Series (time study; European University Institute; EU)
CNTSCentrum voor Nederlandse Taal en Spraak (Dutch: Centre for Dutch Language and Speech, Antwerp, Belgium)
CNTSCentro Nacional de la Transfusión Sanguínea
CNTSCenter for National Truck Statistics (University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute)
CNTSCoordinadora de Trabajadores de la Salud (Spanish: National Confederation of Salvadoran Workers, El Salvador)
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The CNTs play a role not only as a solid support to heterogenize the catalyst for easy separation, but also in lowering the high pressure required to dissolve C[O.sub.2] gas in the reactant mixture.
In the present study, raw CNTs and CNTs impregnated with iron oxide and aluminum oxide nanoparticles were used for the adsorption of Cr(VI) from water.
In most applications, we have noticed that the CNTs are embedded in an elastic foundation medium.
Rhenogran CNT types are currently being developed as further reinforcing additives for special applications that involve withstanding even higher mechanical stresses.
Trinidad, commanding officer of the 36th IB, PA stated that "it is a clear manifestation that the CNTs are recruiting minors to participate in an armed conflict in pursuit of their disillusioned cause.
The Police Regional Office 5 reported that elements of the 1st Police Mobile Force Company, the Regional Intelligence Division 5 and the 96th Military Intelligence Company encountered around 30 CNTs led by a certain Rolidel Tugbo, alias Nonoy, Tugbo, or Ka Bungkig, during a combat operation Saturday morning in Barangay Gangao, Baleno town.
(28,30,31) CNTs have a rigid structure and are insoluble in any solvents, and solubilization of CNT with chemical functionalization has been studied briefly.
In this study, conductive phase (CNTs) and piezoelectric phase (PMN) are introduced into epoxy matrix to fabricate piezoelectric damping composites.
Modification of CNTs with various functional groups changes their electronic property, thus enhancing their selectivity and increasing their response towards specific gases.