CNUEConseil des Notariats de l'Union Européenne (French: Council of Notaries of the European Union; Belgium)
CNUECenter for Urban Ethnic Affairs (University of Notre Dame; Notre Dame, IN)
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It is currently extremely difficult for them to know which court has jurisdiction and what law is applicable to their situation and their property," explains the CNUE.
Fixed effects were harvest date (4 df), N rate (5 df), and the interaction (20 df), except that CER had 3, 5, and 15 df, and CNCE, CNAE, and CNUE had 4, 4, and 16 df, respectively.
05) for CNAE in both experiments, CNUE in the pine alley (P = 0.
Low CNAE, not CNCE, was the primary contributor to low CNUE in the pine alley.
The CNUE is currently battling the Commission over the nationality requirement.
Presenting the study alongside Murray on 1 October, CNUE President Klaus Woschnak argued that civil law notaries are not costly' or inefficient.
Ms Neelie Kroes meets Dr Klaus Woschnak, President of the CNUE (Council of the Notariats of the EU) (Bxl)
At a CNUE event on 2 March welcoming Bulgarian and Romanian notary bodies into the organisation, Woschnak emphasised that the role played by civil notaries creates "welfare benefits that are difficult to measure by purely economic methods".
The former system pertains in the 21 member states represented in the CNUE.
The Commission, according to the CNUE, is ignoring a European Parliament resolution on the legal professions of 23 March 2006.
Spanish notary Pedro Carrion Garcia de Parada, who drafted CNUE response to the Divorce Green Paper, also favoured only letting parties choose the law of a country that is somehow linked to them.