CNUSComputer Network Use Supplement (manufacturer survey)
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After Grande Island's closure, accessing the established CNUs was a great challenge.
So far, the program has established 538 CNUs and transplanted 487,158 coral fragments.
[32] Asistieron, por parte de la UPACP de Argentina, Lorenza Benitez de Gomez, Gladys Raquel Surpi y Carlos Luis Brassesco (todos de la UPACP), y por la CNUS de Republica Dominicana, Eulogia Familia.
The data used in this study are taken from the CNUS to the 1999 ASM.
Atrostic and Gates (2001), using the new 1999 CNUS data, find computer networks widely diffused within manufacturing, with networks at 52% of plants.
law enforcement assistance funds supported operational costs, training and equipment for DCD, provincial CNUs and the Lao Customs Department.
At the provincial level, DCD's counterparts are the Counter Narcotics Units (CNUs), the first of which was created in 1994 and which now exist as elements of provincial police in most provinces.
Assistance provided by the U.S., UNODC, Luxembourg, South Korea, Australia, and China has mitigated equipment, training, and skills deficiencies of the CNUs to some extent.
Law enforcement funds support limited operational costs, training, and equipment for Counter Narcotics Units (CNUs) and the Customs Department.
Exceptions to this generally bleak picture were cooperation with select CNUs and the Customs Department, which remained strong and information provided to DEA on two cases involving attempts to smuggle opium into the U.S.