CNVGCryptococcus Neoformans Variant Gattii
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CE-FLA allowed Cryptococcus mating types and hybrids to be identified, but not CnVG, CnVN, and Cg.
Distinct patterns obtained for CnVG, CnVN, and Cg by using MF[alpha]1 gene are shown in Figure 4.
Based on our success with MF[alpha]1 sense primer in the detection of characteristic peaks for CnVG, CnVN, and Cg, we labeled Mfa1 sense strands and analyzed MATa strains.
CESSCP found that among the total 276 clinical isolates, 219 (79.3%) were CnVG, 23 (8.3%) were CnVN, and 34 (12.3%) were Cg.
As previously noted, CnVG infections are predominant in AIDS patients around the world, except in Europe, where CnVN is seen in sizable numbers.